7 Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants 2021: LED & Fluorescent

Unlike the bulbs in chandeliers or sconces, grow lights emit a spectrum of light that’s similar to the sun’s. “Grow lights let indoor growers of any scale bring the right spectrum of light to their plants,” says Roger Buelow, the chief technology officer at AeroFarms, a high-tech vertical farming company that grows produce indoors year-round.”Technically, plants don’t need sunlight. They need the appropriate spectrum of light,” he explains, adding that plants are actually quite choosy in this regard. Their chloroplasts only conduct photosynthesis for a narrow bandwidth of light, which a grow lamp can deliver.Grow lights also give off less heat than traditional light sources, making them less likely to scorch your plants.You can use grow lights to start seeds indoors before spring, care for outdoor plants that have moved inside for the winter, or grow plants indoors all year long. They can also act as stand-in windows for those who live in darker homes and need some help keeping sunlight-loving houseplants alive.

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