A Creamy Avocado Fudge Pop Recipe Free Of Refined Sugar

Avocados are the unsung hero of the dessert world, and if you don’t believe me you can start by trying these “choco-cado” pops from Michael I. Goran, Ph.D., and Emily Ventura, Ph.D., MPH, co-authors of Sugarproof.”These decadent-tasting, fudgy pops get their creaminess from avocado, which is a great source of healthy monounsaturated fat, fiber, folate, and vitamin E,” they write, “They are also rich in antioxidants thanks to both the avocado and the cacao.” And though they’re certainly delicious enough to make for anyone, these are ideal for kiddos. “Even kids who are unsure of avocado tend to love these pops,” share Goran and Ventura (and we’d imagine that’s true for adults who aren’t avocado fans, too—apparently they exist!).Swapping avocado into your desserts means you get a chance to add health perks that would otherwise be reserved for savory meals. Since these are frozen, you can also confidently make a batch at the start of the week to have a little homemade treat on hand, and one that’ll also help you cool off (here’s another option, too!).

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