An Energy Healer’s Top 3 Tips For Healing Skin Intuitively

Intuitive skin care is a concept we often preach here at mindbodygreen. Your skin knows what it needs—and will send you big red flags when you’re treating it poorly. So you should pay attention to these signals and adjust your skin care accordingly. Unfortunately, we have so long seen pain, adjustment periods, and putting up with side effects as a normal part of skin care. If you haven’t already, remove yourself from that mindset. Skin care should feel good—and should sustain you. “Always ask your skin, ‘What do you need today?’ Every morning, just a little like tune-in and a little check. And not forcing ideas, putting force on the skin, or coming at my skin with that energy of fixing,” she says. “But rather tuning in and going, ‘OK, skin, what do you need today?’ And then allowing both my skin care practices and just my practices throughout the day to kind of evolve around that.”

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