Why Whole-Fruit Pomegranate Extract Supplements Are Effective*

When the wellness world identifies a darling botanical, it seems they tap just about every single way to use it in your routine. Is it safe for topical use? Extract the actives and transform it into a serum. Edible? Make it your new favorite meal—or, at the very least, an add-on to your dish du jour. Drinkable? Juice it, brew it, or turn it into a cocktail. Then there are supplements. Supplements—when formulated with integrity—offer high-quality, thoughtful doses of good-for-you nutrients, botanicals, bioactives, and phytonutrients.* With all of these options, you’re likely curious about what’s your best bet, no? Of course, this is entirely ingredient-specific (some will do wonders when applied to your skin; others make for ideal snacks), but for the superfruit pomegranate, it seems the research is clear: You may want to find this juicy ingredient in supplement form.* 

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